Ax - the movie

A teaser for Ax

Harry Manfredini

 Known for creating the chilly sounds of Friday the 13th we are excited about having him bring life to our film.

Todd James

After two long days of casting, and watching some amazing actors, I have decided to cast Todd James as the role of James. He has a great look for a young man living in the woods and he is a phenomenal actor.

I am excited to have Todd as part of this project. 

Ax - the beginning

I have decided to shoot my short film Ax. This will be the first film that I have both written and directed. I have worked on many films, both shorts and features, and it will be nice to finally work on my own project.

My first film will be Ax. A short story about James, who has just killed his wife with an ax, and he explores what brought him to that breaking point.

Follow us here and watch the progress of new director, Michael Coulombe.